FAQs, as asked by you!

Are your tees screen printed?

Fuck yeah. We firmly believe screen printing rules the roost when it comes to longevity and quality, and making sure you get a realllly good cost per wear out of your tee is super important to us. We print in small batches to avoid waste, but having all our products ready to go means it's lots faster than most direct to garment businesses too.

How's the turnaround time?

Pretty darn good!

Because we're not faffing around with print on demand, your tees, hats and sweats will be shipped either same day (order before midday!) or next business day, so depending on where you live, it can be with you as soon as the following day. If you'd like that sweet sweet dopamine ASAP, add the speedy boi shipping to your cart and we'll give it the Rolls Royce express treatment for an extra 3 dollarydoos. 💯

The exception to this (obviously) is pre-orders, which usually have a lead time of about 4 weeks. If you purchase a pre-order item with in-stock items, they'll all ship together when your pre-order item arrives in stock. We'll always list an estimated arrival date for pre-order items in bold on the product page, so please check in to make sure the lead time suits you before you purchase -  and make sure the shipping address is correct for where you'll be in a month's time!

The thing I want is out of stock (boo)!

Ah, it be like that sometimes.

We prioritise restocks based on demand, so hit that button and sign up for a notification so we know exactly what you're after.  We are, after all, your humble servants.

Can I get my fave print in different colours?

Nup.  Historically products with more than a single colour variation don't sell, and they're more expensive to produce. I love you, but I gotta feed my kids.

Can we convince you to carbon offset production?

No need to convince us, sweet peach - we do that already. Production and delivery are offset through Greenfleet Australia. Bueno.

I'm a sweaty babe. Do your tees have polyester in them?

Nup. From one sweaty babe to another, we've got you covered with 100% cotton across the board. Stay fresh, hot stuff. 💦

Why don't you offer exchanges?

I have ADHD, which is fun because it means that I struggle with things that have lots of steps. The steps required to execute an exchange are much harder for me than those required for me to action a refund for you. So when your return lands back at the warehouse, we'll issue a refund to your payment method so you can choose another item, or keep your money to buy fried chicken and cocktails if you'd rather. No judgment here huns.

Can I make a slogan suggestion?


The whole process to get new products ready to ship takes about a month, so often things that are topical in the news cycle will usually have faded from our collective consciousness by the time the tees have gone through production - and because we make custom screens for every new design, we need to print and sell a minimum number in order for a print to be viable (and ensure there's no waste from a run!)

If you have a slogan you really want on a tee, there are a lot of local direct to garment printers that will be able to print a one-off for you. Bonne chance!

Whats the deal with sizing?

You can check allll the sizing deets out right here. We're working on some more visuals to give an accurate representation on different bodies, too - watch this space!

Is the moustache real?

I don't know anymore.