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Calm down Karen- Blue and Green on Natural

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Calm down Karen- Blue and Green on Natural
Calm down Karen- Blue and Green on Natural
Calm down Karen- Blue and Green on Natural
Calm down Karen- Blue and Green on Natural

Everyone who knows a Karen also knows that telling a Karen to calm down will only add fuel to the fire.

Nevertheless, may we present our calm down Karen tee, in solidarity with every customer service, hospitality or retail worker who has stared down the barrel of a withering stare from a level-10 Karen and lived to tell the tale.

Charm Offensive tees are printed on 100% cotton AS Colour Tees. They're soft, comfy, and produced in factories that provide fair, safe and healthy conditions for workers. They're printed here in Australia, then lovingly packed in compostable mailers and shipped out for you to enjoy. We also took the liberty of carbon offsetting production and delivery so that this is a purchase you can feel good about!

For the perfect fit, we recommend taking a favourite tee that fits you really well, measuring across from armpit to armpit, and neck to hem, and comparing it to the measurements below. [We've included a standard sizing estimate too, but given the variances that exist between bodies, please refer to the measurements if you're unsure!] 

Standard Sizing:

XS = Width 45.5cm,  Length 63.5cm Size 8-10

S=  Width 48cm, Length 64.5cm Size 10-12

M=  Width 50.5, Length 65.5cm Size 12-14

L=  Width 53cm, Length 66.5cm Size 14-16

XL = Width 55.5cm, Length 67.5cm Size 16-18

2XL = Width 58cm, Length 68.5cm Size 18-20

3XL [XL STAPLE] Size 20-22

4XL [2XL STAPLE] Size 22-24

5XL [3XL STAPLE] = Width 68cm, Length 85cm Size 26


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